Development Log #1

Hey there Cutie Club, welcome to the first weekly development blog post. Every week you can expect updates on what we’ve been working on along with some insights into the game’s content. Last week we focused on game balancing and UI improvements.

Improved Jelly Management

We’ve implemented a new notebook for keeping an eye on your Jellies while away from your farm. The notebook shows all information about a Jelly – their age, personality, traits, stats, stomach and more!

Improved Hunger, Energy and Happiness Systems

Every Jelly on your farm has Hunger, Energy and Happiness that must be managed. Originally these systems were directly relying on items in a complex way. Now we’ve simplified this system to be easier to understand and easier to manage. In the new system, Hunger will naturally increase throughout the day – digesting an item will decrease the hunger.

As Hunger increases, the Jelly will receive an increase in Energy (i.e. food converting to energy). Energy will naturally decrease throughout the delay and when at a low value, will cause the Jelly to sleep.

Happiness is also simplified. This value will only decrease when the Jelly is starving or tired. It will increase when the Jelly is full or energised.

Items can still modify energy and happiness but these are used only for special effects (e.g. a Coffee Bean will give you a temporary energy boost).

What’s next…

We’re currently in preparation for some conferences (announcements soon!) so we’re focusing on tuning and expanding the alpha demo content so that players will get to experience the full gameplay of Alchemic Cutie. We’ll have more updates next week!

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