Development Log #5

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Hey there Cutie Club! We've got a small update this week due to a super secret project we were working on...

Camera Overhaul

We decided to rewrite the camera movement to improve visibility of where your character is moving towards. The two gifs below show how the old and new cameras work. We'll play test the new camera with players to see if there's any issues.

Old Camera

New Camera

Sebastien in Itemland 2: The XML-ing

Sebastien has been continuing work on all the new items. He's now at the point where all the item data can be updated/added to the XML configuration so hopefully next week we'll have a lot of new items to play with in-game :)

Super Secret Project

We've been putting together a small secret project related to the game. We can't reveal much now but here's our friend Gary helping Tom get set up for it :)

What's next...

Sebastien will be adding all the new items in-game while I'll be working on more improvements to the demo. More updates next week :)

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